The Season of Seedy Saturdays and Sundays

I love seedy Saturdays and Sundays. I guess, I like any event where gardeners, farmers and seed companies get together to trade and buy seeds.

Montreal Seedy Weekend

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Montreal Seedy Weekend

Wikipedia tells me the first Seedy Saturday took place on Valentine’s Day 1989. Today there are more than 50 Seedy days across Canada. Seeds of Diversity has a list of the dates and locations here.

Our farm attends a number of these events. We were in Montreal on February 13-14. We will be in Ottawa on March 6th at the Ron Kolbus center on 105 Greenview ave. And then in Québec City at Laval University on March 7th.

These Seedy Days create a place where seed growers and gardeners can meet. There are a lot of small seed companies across Canada and a lot of them have started off at a Seedy Saturday. I know we did.

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