What a year to over winter crops in the field!

This has been a mild winter. The temperature rarely dipped beneath beneath -25C and that was way back in January. In addition it has barely snowed since New Year’s Day.Usually, by this time of year, our fields are a sheet of ice over deep puddles over frozen ground. This year isn’t like that.

The snow cover has just about completely melted, the subsurface drain outlet is already running, and the ground is thawing to a muddy mess.

A lot of hardy cropshave survived this winter that are normally mush in the field by now.

We’ve got a really nice stand of spinach. Delicious!

Some Rainbow Lacinato Kale (a Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds classic). The cold highlights the pink ribs.

Some Tatsoi peeking out. These guys self seeded from last year’s seed crop.

Even some Bok Choy survived!!!

Though this winter’s weather put a dent in my cross country skiing, I am happy to have some winter survivors to save seed from.I can’t wait for the soil to dry so I candig up these over wintered wonders and plant them in the seed garden.

How was your winter this year???

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