Field Update: Unexpected Visitors

Well the weather dropped a bit last weekend. We didn’t take  the plastic off the field tunnel like I thought. Still, the tunnel is booming and the field is starting to sprout.

Brassica greens (and purples) growing and going to flower. I was a touch worried about these guys bolting before any pollinators were around. Yesterday, my fears vanished when I walked into the tunnel on this guy (or girl) …

… a Fire-rim  Tortoiseshell! (Butterfly indentified courtesy of this site). I also saw quite a few flies in the tunnel (I didn’t take any pictures of those).

Providing early nectar sources to pollinators and beneficial insects is one of the great bonuses of on farm seed production.

Chicories and Escaroles are growing. Nice slightly bitter spring tonic.

These kales (Frank Mortons Wild Garden Kale mix) were direct seeded mid-September.I thinned them over the winter to 1 plant every couple of inches. Tomorrow I will thin them to one plant every 12″. The thinnings will be either fried up with garlic, potatoes and sausage; or sold at market at Saturday.

And the field is also starting to show more life …

Green onions coming back!!!

Shortly, I will have a couple posts up answering a few questions I received in comments from earlier posts.

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