Profitability in Space for 4 Crop Families

Let’s conclude the discussion on profitability in space by comparing a few crop families commonly grown in Eastern Canada. (This discussion began  here.)

To make today’s comparisons, I assumed the following:

  • Yield estimates are from the low end of our farm yields
  • Prices come from discussion at an ECOSGN meeting
  • Weights are quantities a small seed company might buy.
  • $/g ratio varies with the amount sold. The larger the quantity; the lower the $/g.
  • These values are not recommendations but examples.

Profitability in Space ($/bedft) of 4 Crop Families

Crop Yields (g/bedft) Price ($) Weight (g) $/g Profitability


Tomatoes 3 30 25 1,2 3,6
Brassicas 25 20 100 0,125 3,125
Beans 75 12 400 0,03 2,25
Cucurbits 25 60 400 0,15 3,75

A few comments

  • Three crops fall into the $2.5-5/bedft range. They should be profitable on most small farms (providing you have clients to buy them.)
  • Beans are lower than the profit range. However,  many small seed companies are looking for beans and might buy most of what you can produce. (Contact them before growing a large seed crop on speculation.)
  • The profitability in space of these bulk seed formats and prices are comparable to growing many market vegetables.
  • Remember, if you can increase your yields, your $/bedft will go up.

This concludes the overview of seed crop profitability in space. The other way I look at crop profitability is profitability in time ($/hr). Next post, we will do a quick overview of that topic.

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