Silverskin Garlic – Storage Update

I was cleaning my seed workshop in preparation for seed-packing season when I found a few Silverskin garlic bulbs from the 2010 harvest.

In July, I wrote about storing garlic and how I still had some Silverskin garlic and Porcelain garlic that was 12 months out of the ground. None of that Porcelain garlic is kicking around anymore, but I was curious to see how well these Silverskins are doing after 16 months in storage. I sliced one in half and …

.. still a bit juice and nothing rotting! Wow!

I also found a bulb from the 2009 harvest. That’s 28 months ago. I sliced that one open to compare.

The two bulbs halves on the left are 16 months old.

The bulb half on the right is 28 months old.

Twenty-eight months might be pushing it for storing Silverskin garlic. But half the cloves are still edible! Pretty impressive. No other garlic type keeps this well.

Now, I’ll get back to cleaning my seed workshop.



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