Tourne-Sol’s 2012 Seed Catalog and New Website

This post is the official launch of both our 2012 Seed Catalog and  Tourne-Sol’s new farm website.

2012 Seed Catalog

You can download the actual catalog from these links:

New Website and Online Store

Our new Tourne-Sol website is at our old address but with a new look and new features such as

  • An Online Store for our seeds, teas, and more;
  • A blog Newsletter archived by recipe;
  • A Meet Your Farmers Page where you can read about the Tourne-Sol farmers and apprentices;
  •  A Virtual Farm Tour with tons of images;
  • And more!

We built the site ourselves (with a lot of support from Koumbit) using Drupal, a free open-source content management system; and Ubercart, an e-commerce platform. Though it’s required a lot of learning, Drupal lets us do just about anything we want including getting the site fully bilingual (English and French).

Over the next couple of months we’ll be adding a few more pages to the site and continuously looking for typos but after 8 months of labor (with a huge push in December and January) we’re thrilled to see it go live.


Also we will be at the Montreal Seedy Saturday and Sunday this weekend at the botanical gardens. If you’re in the area and you love seeds, you should come by.

2 thoughts on “Tourne-Sol’s 2012 Seed Catalog and New Website

  1. Nice! I actually happen to know a few people at Koumbit. The world is a small place!

    If I can suggest one improvement, it would be to use larger pictures in the catalogue. If you want to keep the product listing compact, you could use the current stamp-sized pictures as thumbnail, but make them clickable to open a full-screen picture. I think that would actually make the catalogue even more enticing … as long as you have good pictures! 🙂

    1. Thanks Étienne,

      We probably will add full screen pictures to the thumb nails though due to the way the the product formats and the formats are displayed it adds an extra challenge. Something to add to the list!


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