Unforeseen Seed Selection Complications

I recently posted about selecting hot peppers and how I pay careful attention to each plant and place the fruits from individual plants into quarts.

I usually let these continue ripening in the quarts for a couple of weeks, and then choose those for seed.

Well, a few days after placing my peppers into quarts, but before saving any seed, there was a slight onion mishap.

A tower of red onions bags collapsed and tumbled into a rack of ripening peppers…

Emptying and mixing the quarts …

Leaving a mess of hot peppers with little way to distinguish accurately one pepper from another. Most of these peppers made their way from here to the market bin.

I was a little disappointed (perhaps a touch more than a little …) to lose a generation of selection.

On the bright side, I did take good records and I have remainder seed from last year. For 2013, based on my notes and pictures, I can narrow down the strains I grow out to those I really like this year.

Moral of the story: keep remainder seed and watch out for those onions!

2 thoughts on “Unforeseen Seed Selection Complications

  1. Hi Dan!

    Next time maybe you could use a fine point “Sharpie” to code the different peppers, just in case…? You never know when a kid, a klutz, or a bag of onions (!) will ruin your painstaking work!

    1. That would definitely have helped in this situation.

      I often do mark larger sweeter peppers with a Sharpie but I was never tempted to with small hot peppers. Maybe this will change my actions!


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