2012 BC Seeds Gathering Videos

The November 9-11, 2012 weekend was a seedy one cross Canada. I’ve already reported back about ECOSGN’s Seed Connection conference in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC. On the other side of the country the BC Seeds Network had a 3-day BC Seeds Gathering and it sounds like it was just as fantastic as the East Coast event.

Farm Folk City Folk has begun to post videos from the event on youtube. Here’s what they’ve posted so far:

Don Tipping

Don Tipping speaks about how seeds fits into his seed company Siskiyou Seeds, the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative he participates in, and on Seven Seeds Farm ( the biodynamic/permaculture farm where Don grows organic seed amidst vegetables and livestock).

Opening Plenary part 1

Suzie Walsh (USC Canada) and Patrick Steiner (Stellar Seeds) open the event integrating the BC seed picture into the Canadian and international seed picture.

Opening Plenary part 2

A number of seedy folks come up and speaks about their interest in seed.

One More Video

This video isn’t actually from the conference but it is about BC Seed Grower Dan Jason (Salt Spring Seeds) so I thought it still fits. It is also only 3 minutes.

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