Renewing our vows to the seeds in our lives

In the Fall issue of the Heritage Farm Companion (Seed Saver’s Exchange member magazine), there was a transcription of Gary Paul Nabhan’s keynote at the annual SSE campout. I was touched by the end of his keynote when he invited members of the audience to renew their vows to the seed that they have been part of and that have been part of their lives.

I would like to renew these vows &  invite you to do the same. Here are the vows that Gary Paul Nabhan led his audience members through:

I, Daniel Brisebois, a gardened, farmer, seed saver, and eater,

wish to renew our sacred vows

to take care, love and serve.

Through sickness and in health

in times of crisis and times of joy,

to sow the seeds of food justice,

to sow the seeds of food security,

to sow the seeds of food democracy,

to sow the seeds of true food sovereignty,

through our own actions and our own eating patterns

so that we may all eat what we have truly sown.

I reaffirm our covenant with this earth,

to humbly be just one more way that seeds themselves regenerate

into more seeds to nourish all of us.

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