What do you want to read on Going to Seed?

It’s been awhile since Going to Seed has been really hopping. My last post was just about 14 months ago. Wow, time flies.

I’m ready to jump back in and I hope you’re ready to start reading again!

I could use some help though. I’m feeling a bit rusty and not sure what topics to start writing about first. Is it cleaning seed? Or is it crop planning? Or how to run a small farm? Or why I think Star Wars episode 8 the Last Jedi is the third best Star Wars movie in the franchise? Or what is going on in that pepper picture? Or why is radicchio the best vegetable ever?

What do you want to read about?

I would be so happy, if you could write what you want to read about in the comments to this post.


12 thoughts on “What do you want to read on Going to Seed?

  1. Hi Dan!! I’m ready to start reading everything you have to write about, especially if it involves Star Wars!! Also, why is radicchio the best vegetable ever? And what do you think of endives? I would also be interested in reading about biannuals (especially onions, leeks, carrots, beets, turnips and radishes) and the best way to store them over the winter. Thanks !

  2. I DO wonder why radicchio is the best vegetable ever! And about what experiences you have growing other non-traditional veggies – how the production went and how introducing them to your clients went!

  3. Black garlic! Or the decentralization of the conventional seed industry; how can foodsheds develop and distribute their own varieties. How plausible is it for commercial growers to move away from hybrids?

  4. Hello Dan, great to see you you back. I have been especially interested in your garlic posts. Your observations about the different shapes and colour of the spathes, size of umbels and growing from bulbils have been extremely helpful in assisting me to identify the different varietal groups of the un named garlic that I have been growing. Your success in obtaining true garlic garlic seed inspired me to attempt to do the same (unsuccessfully to date) and I would be interested to learn of any subsequent developments in this area.

  5. Hi Dan i would like to read more about planning smaller home gardens, seed starting strategies .

  6. Hi,
    Hope you are doing fine. What you write is always interesting to me. I wonder if you can tell why I am not being able to make the Beet (var. bull’s blood) go into seed despite growing it for more than 1 year. It’s relative the Swiss Chard produce lots of seeds but Beet doesn’t.

    Bilal Barghout

      1. Hi Dan,
        Yes, I have been very successful getting seeds from Swiss chard.

  7. Hi Dan – I enjoy hearing about your brassica seed trials and curious if you are saving seed from cukes – I’m most excited in greenhouse ones, which tend to be parthenocarpic. I’m curious about how difficult it would be to breed regionally adapted english or lebanese cukes and whether anyone is doing it!

    1. Hey Mike, We do save seeds from cucumbers. If you can isolate them well they are quite easy to grow in our climate. I’ll add them to the list of topics to write about!

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