New Yearís Resolution: Save Seeds!

Resolutions for those who wish they saved seed.

Have you have been thinking ďI should be saving my own seeds.Ē, but you havenít found the time, or youíre not quite sure how to start?

If so, 2019 is the year to start saving seeds!

All you need to do is save seed from one vegetable on your farm or garden! Thatís all it takes to become a seed saver. You donít need to decide which seed to save yet. Just resolve that you will save seed from one vegetable this year!

That’s where I come in. Iíll walk you through the seed saving basics. Weíll cover how to save seed and what seed to save. Iíll make sure you succeed in keeping your seed saving resolutions!

Resolutions for those who already save seed

If you already save seed, here are three seedy resolutions you might consider:

  • Save seeds from more vegetables
  • Save more seeds from a single variety
  • Improve the seed quality of the seed youíre saving

I will be happy to help you with any of those resolutions too. In addition to blogging about the basics, I will be writing on more advanced topics to help you improve your seed saving!

Resolutions for those who wonder why save seed?

And maybe youíve read this far and you donít save seed and youíre wondering whatís all the fuss.  Why would I even want to save any seed?.

Well, Iíve got you covered too. My first topic in the New Year will be all about Why You Should Save Seeds.

My resolution for 2019

In 2019, I’ll be posting regularly on Going to Seed! I’ve been getting together some topics and I’m ready to start writing again.

I hope youíve made your resolutions and Iíll be seeing you in a few days!

Happy New Year!

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