I want to hear about your Spreadsheets!

Farmer Spreadsheet Survey

I want to hear about how you use spreadsheets on your farm!

I’ve put together this quick survey so you can tell me what you love and hate about spreadsheets.

It would be amazing if you could fill it out!!!!

I want to make sure the Farmer Spreadsheet Academy is meeting farmer’s needs. And your answer to this survey will make sure I’m track!

FSA Tip #2 Keep Numbers & Words Separated

I’ve also posted my second farmer spreadsheet tip video!

It is about making sure you only have one type of information in each spreadsheet cell. This makes it much easier to reference those cells later on.

In this video, I look at the formats of what you might be packing on a wash station pack list. Multiple format columns with only one type of information in each is better than than one format column with multiple types of information.

I hope you enjoy the video.

And please fill out my survey about how you use spreadsheets!

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