Reading Shattered Seeds To See What The Future Holds

Back in July, I told you all about selecting some brassica plants and transplanting my favourites into big pots by the porta potty.

We harvested those plants in mid-August and threshed the seeds.

The plantless pots full of soil sat by that porta potty for the next 2 months.

I didn’t pay them much attention.

Well, the other day I was walking by and I noticed small plants growing in the pots. They were from seed that had shattered at harvest.

I was excited to see these little plants because it gives me a glimpse of what this seed population might do next year.

Now I look at these pots every day.

Let’s go look at those pots together!

What things looked like in July

What they look like now

This is from the pot with great leaf texture:

This is from the pot with great purple colour:

A closer look

We’ve got some purples and smooth texture. (Not what I’m looking for.)

Some better texture with less purple.

And much better texture with even less purple. I wish I had this in purple.

Thinking about next year

I grow out plants from the seeds harvested from both pots but seeing the plants from these shattered seeds, I will grow more plants from the Better Texture selections.

Hopefully, I get a few plants with great texture that also have a lot of purple.

It’s going to be so much FUN!!!!!

Anything interesting self seeding in your garden?

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