FSA Tip #11 Counting Hashtags

Here is a TWO FORMULA COUNTING COMBO to count how many time something repeats in a spreadsheet cell.

We’ll use this in a hashtag counter as part of your farm social media plan.

You might have a few questions right now.

What’s a hashtag counter?

Different social media gurus recommend different numbers of hashtags for your Instagram posts.

Some say you should stick to 6 to 7 hashtags per post; others say 11 to 13; and some say use as many as possible!

In any case, you’re limited to 30 hashtags per post and another 30 hashtags in all the comments for that post.

Whatever number of hashtags you’re targeting, this hashtag counter will help you out.

Thanks for answering that one, but you still might have one question …

What’s a hashtag?

You’re in luck, this video starts with a brief Instagram primer so you can learn all about hashtags!


In this tip, we’ll see how these two formulas make a COUNTING COMBO!

  • LEN() to count the number of characters in a cell
  • SUBSTITUTE() to swap one thing with another in a cell

You can download the spreadsheet and hashtag counter and see how it works yourself!

Do you spend much time planning out your hashtags?

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