FSA Tip #12 Referring To “NOTHING” In Formulas

It’s pretty easy to refer to something in your spreadsheet.

You refer to numbers all the time, and you probably refer to text at times.

But there are other times when you need to refer to NOTHING in your formulas or spreadsheets.

This can happen with the SUBSTITUTE formula (in fact this is this tip’s example!) but also with IF statements and SUMIF formulas.

In this tip, we’ll see how to think of nothing as text and easily use nothing in any formula.

To Think About Nothing

  • To refer to text in your formula, enclose the text within quotation marks
  • Nothing is text
  • Refer to nothing as “” (two quotation marks one after the other)

You can watch the video to go into more detail.

You can download the spreadsheet for this tip and see nothing in action!

Do you have a need for NOTHING in your spreadsheets?

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