FSA Tip #13 Working With VIEW ONLY Google Spreadsheets

Sometimes you want to share a Google Spreadsheet with someone but you don’t want them to change your version. Maybe you’re sharing an order form (just like in this week’s tip!) with many clients and you need to get back a unique form from each person.

Or you find a fantastic Google Spreadsheet that you would like to use but it’s VIEW ONLY! You would need to request access from the owner to use it. But you just want to experiment with that sheet without delay.

There is a simple step to solve all these problems!

In this tip, we’ll see …

  • How to make a copy of a VIEW ONLY sheet for personal use
  • How to direct your users to make their own copy
  • How to have your users automatically make their own copy

You can†download the spreadsheet from this tip!

Do you often need to share VIEW ONLY sheets?

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