Talking Seeds On The No-Till Growers Podcast

This week I was on the No-Till Growers Podcast with Jesse Frost!

At first I had some trepidation about being on a No-Tillcentric podcast. At Tourne-Sol, we do a touch of no-till in our green houses but we are a tractor tillage based farm. There are many other growers equipped to better discuss no-till.

In the end, we talked about seeds, seeds, CSA, and seeds.

It was a great conversation and I think you’ll like it!

About The No-Till Growers Podcast

The No-Till Growers Podcast has been running since November 2018 and has featured an impressive line-up of No-Till Growers.

He features (you guessed it) No-Till farms.

Some you probably know and some will be new to you!

All the interviews are great examples of small to medium-sized farms and how they make their growing systems and farms work.

This podcast is worth adding to your regular playlist.

2 thoughts on “Talking Seeds On The No-Till Growers Podcast

  1. I started listening to this podcast episode last night and I’m finishing it this morning. I just want to say…thank you! I’ve been a seed saver for many years and have been wondering where to find out about the legalities of seed saving, breeding and selling. You’ve given me some places to explore PVP and utility patents. I’ve approached a few other local seed growers for help/direction in this area and have essentially been told “sorry, can’t help you”. I wish I’d been able to attend the ECOSGN conference this year to pick the brains of seed growers such as yourself.

    1. Seed regulations are a bit tricky and not all seed growers are fluent in them (I’m definitely not!). I’m glad to have provided you with some leads.

      ECOSGN was great, we usually have a meeting like in the fall every 1-2 years. So this is not your only chance!

      The EFAO conference often has a seedy contingent there. Also the Bauta seed initiative people are great references for some of the seed legalities.

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