Breeding Organic Vegetables – Book Review

Wow a second blog post in the same day!!!!

This is book two is my personal Top 10 farm books of the decade.

I’m presenting my Top 10 in order of publication.

Let’s head to 2011

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Breeding Organic Vegetables

A Step-by-Step Guide for Growers

by Rowen White and Bryan Connolly

This book is the best kept secret of Seed Saving books.

Published by NOFA NY, it didn’t get broad circulation like the other books on my TOP 10 list.

But that doesn’t diminish its power.

Rowen and Bryan take one of the most complicated farming topics and present it as a simple recipe.

They break down thinking like a plant breeder into 9 steps that if you follow will lead to improved vegetable varieties for your farm.

There is science in this book and it can get technical, but you can also skim through those portions to get to the core of each step.

The book ends with 5 case studies of farmers and how they bred their own vegetable varieties.

These case studies will inspire you to get out into your fields to start crossing and selecting to breed better vegetables for your farm!

Just under 100 pages, this book is easy to read but it will keep you busy for the next 100 years.

Getting ready to write this blog post, I couldn’t find anywhere to buy this book, but you can download it for free from eorganic.

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  1. This book is really beautiful and yes ” it will keep you busy for the next 100 years” So much to be excited about! Keep up the good work specially the keeping us informed part. I feel that too many farmers are doing wonders and the world does not know about them.

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