The Organic Seed Grower – Book Review

This is book four of my personal Top 10 Farm Books Of The Decade.

I’m presenting my Top 10 in order of publication.

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The Organic Seed Grower

A Farmerís Guide to Vegetable Seed Production

by John Navazio

When I was a new farmer in the early 2000s, there were some great books about how to be a vegetable farmer. But when it came to learning how to be a seed farmer, there was a dearth of comparable resources.

Yes, there were some fantastic seed saving books. But a lot of their information applied more to a gardener scale. They did not answer so many of the questions I had as I was trying to scale up seed production.

We did not have an authoritative Seed Farmer’s handbook that could be the backbone for a new commercial seed grower.

For a number of years there was a rumour that John Navazio was writing a seed manual. (Does it count as a rumour if John was one of the main people spreading it?)

The thought that John Navazio, (at the point, a plant breeder with the Organic Seed Alliance; currently, a plant breeder at Johnny’s Selected Seeds) was writing a seed saving book was incredibly exciting.

But this book kept not being released.

Then Chelsea Green announced a publication date.

I immediately placed my pre-order.

The Organic Seed Grower was worth the wait.

The Organic Seed Grower is that authoritative Seed Farmer’s handbook we needed.

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