FSA Tip #20 Counting Seeds With The IF Formula

When you’re setting up your crop plan, there comes a time when you need to calculate how many seeds you will need to have on hand..

That seems simple, just multiply the number of beds by the number of rows per bed by your seed rate, and voilà!

#beds x rows/bed x seed rate = number of seeds

But that only works if you’re dealing with a direct seeded crop.

If you’re starting this crop indoors or in a nursery, then you actually need to start with the number of trays you’re seeding.

That’s a whole other formula.

#trays x cells/tray x seeds/cell = number of seeds

If only there was a way for one formula to do both.

You’re in luck.

There is the IF FORMULA!

With the IF formula, you can write “IF this crop is direct seeded, calculate the seeds needed this way; but IF this crop is transplanted, calculate the seeds this other way.”

Once you’ve understood how to set up an IF formula, you’ll see that you can use it all over your spreadsheets!

In this tip, we’ll see …

  • How to use the IF formula to apply different formulas in different situations.
  • How to embed IF formulas in other IF formulas to get more accurate results.
  • How to set up your Crop Plan to calculate your seed needs with the IF formula.
  • How to link your Seed Order to your Crop Plan with a SUMIF formula.

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

What do you want to look up in your spreadsheets?

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