FSA Tip #21 Line Breaks In Spreadsheet Cells

This past week, the Tourne-Sol online seed store had 3 times the regular number of seed sales.

In any normal year, we would be ecstatic for this increase in orders.

This year, we are a little too distracted to do any serious celebrating.

Also, with recent self isolation recommendations and daycares being closed, we are down to a skeleton crew to fill these orders.

This means we have to improve our packing and shipping techniques.

One challenge that was slowing us down was the way we printed address labels from our Shopify store for small orders that ship with stamps instead of by expedited mail.

I decided to export a CSV report from our Shopify story, and use that information to generate labels in a spreadsheet.

To do that, I needed to create a formula that would join all the shipping details from the order and display them as a fully formatted address in one spreadsheet cell.

The key piece in getting this to work was how to create line breaks between parts of the address within the spreadsheet cell.

And that’s what today’s Farmer Spreadsheet Tip is all about!

In this tip, we’ll see …

  • How to use the Alt+Enter to create a line break in a cell.
  • How to use the CHAR() formula to add Unicode Characters in your formulas
  • How to use the Ampersand and CHAR(10) to create line breaks in formulas.
  • How to display a nicely formatted address from the information in a CSV file export from an online store.

You can†get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Do you need to use line breaks in your spreadsheets?

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