What to consider when choosing your online store platform?

Last night I went live with Jon Bruderlein, the Organic Farmer Coach to talk about what to consider when choosing an online Store Platform.

Here’s the conversation:

The key idea of our conversation was

How can you adapt your products and your store to best use the features of your online store platform. Instead of trying to customize your online store platform to adapt to your online store.

Here are the main points we covered

  • Do you need your site to work in more than one language? If you do, make sure the platform you’re looking at has good multilingual support.
  • Is it easy to enter products by simply importing a CSV file?
  • Is it easy to manage inventory by simply importing a CSV file?
  • How easy is it to set up shipping/delivery/pickup?
  • Can you set up the platform without installing many extra apps?

We also talked a little about bookkeeping and tracking payments. But I think we’ll dive down those rabbit holes another time!

Join us live next Thursday at 8pm eastern in the Move Your Farm Store Online Facebook Group.

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