Is An Online Farm Store Worth The Cost?

This week, Brendon Cordell of Weaver Acres Farm joined Jon Bruderlein on and me Move Your Farm Store Online. We talk about how Weaver Acres pivoted to an online store over the last 4 weeks by setting up Woocommerce site built by a web developer.

In the second half of the show, Jon and I discuss whether an online store is worth the cost. We explore some of the cost benefits of setting up an online farm store.

Here’s the conversation:

The key idea of this episode was

Whether you set up an online store through a preexisting platform (like shopify) or hire a web developper to set up an open source store (like woocommerce), it will probably cost you $500 to $1000 a year during the lifetime of your store.

This expense will help you better serve your customers who are increasingly used to buying things online. Especially during these COVID-19 days.

Structuring your farm and product list to take advantage of an online store will also help you systematize and organize your farm. And organisations and good systems should increase your quality of life & profitability!

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