How To Pack Orders Effectively

Last week, Jon Bruderlein and I continued the Move Your Farm Store Online journey by diving into How To Pack Orders Effectively.

Here’s the conversation:

Jon and I talked a lot about taking the time to design your order packing workflow before you start packing orders.

Here are some …

Principles To Pack Orders Effectively

  • Use Product Codes to organize your online store & invoices
  • Print Orders by delivery/pick up location
  • Lay out your pack area in a logical manner
  • Move your packing container through the pack area on wheels or on a conveyor
  • Repack each order into a final container and DOUBLE CHECK that it is accurate

But you also need to consider that your design might be less than optimal.

You need to monitor and analyze how your work flow actually goes.

Jon mentioned that Sandy and Paul Arnold of Pleasant Valley Farm have set up a camera in their pack shed. After the day is done they will watch the video footage on high speed to see where the flow is less than optimal!

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