Talking Online Stores On The Farm Small Farm Smart Podcast

It’s time to jump into your favourite Podcatcher and download episode #215 of Farm Small Farm Smart!

Because this week, I’m on the podcast!

I sat down with Diego Footer – well I sat down in my office, and I can only imagine Diego sat down in his office on the other side of the continent and on the other side of a Skype call –

So we sat down, and we talked about online stores.

About Tourne-Sol’s move from WooCommerce to Shopify; and how we also run our weekly CSA basket program through the Fermier de Famille CSA platform.

About how great it is to avoid customizing your online store as much as possible. Build it so that it ages gracefully!

And we talked about sales in the time of COVID-19.

(One note – I mention in the episode that vegetable basket sales were steady but not as crazy as seed sales. This was recorded in early April. It turns out I spoke too soon. One week later, our weekly CSA baskets were sold out!)

We wrap with how to crop plan and meet the surge in demand for local food while not burning our your self, or your family, or your farm.

I hope you enjoy the show! 

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