Talking Seeds and CSA and entrepreneurship with Corinna Bench

It’s time to jump back into your favourite Podcatcher and download episode #61 of my Digital Farmer!

Last week, I was a guest on the podcast.

Corinna Bench and I talked about running a CSA vegetable basket program and running a seed company.

And we talk about the differences between selling vegetables and seeds.

The conversation peaked into a big discussion about what it means to be an entrepreneur. We discuss mindset and all the challenges that go into your first business. But that once your business is successful, you can apply everything you’ve learned into any new business venture & get a head start.

Please note, Corinna Bench and I had this conversation back in March. Back when there was this little item in the news about some kind of virus in a number of countries. Back when COVID-19 was a simple talking point you’d bring up with friends and wonder casually what it might be like to live in quarantine.

Corinna and I did chat a bit before the call about what COVID might mean for our summer CSA but it was all hypothetical. None of that carried over into our conversation.

A few days later, schools were closed and people were ordering seeds in a frenzy.

Ahhh, such innocence …

When I listen now, it’s interesting how much is the same. At the core, Tourne-Sol’s seed and vegetable work is all about building strong relationship and developing a community.

I hope you enjoy the show! 

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