Genetic memory or chance encounter?

This week I’ve been walking the Rainbow Tatsoi to select what plants we’ll be letting go to seed.

Overall, things are getting very stable. Some solid dark leaves with a lot of purple stems. Some diversity in savoy texture. Very similar growing habit.

But then I come upon this.

I haven’t seen an individual this green in the Rainbow Tatsoi in years!

One explanation could be that it is a single seed that got mixed in from another seed lot. But we didn’t growing anything that looked like this last year.

Another explanation is that it was a chance pollination with some brassica green in the salad beds that snuck out a flower before the bed was tilled under

Or, this is just some genetic memory that felt like expressing itself.

In the end, I pulled the plant from the ground to make sure it wouldn’t add any pollen or genes to next year’s population and move everything a little greener.

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