What to do when your arugula look like this!

Hey Kids, do you have any arugula that looks like this at home?

It might be on your list of crops to incorporate or tarp.

But did you know that if you just leave it there, all those flowers will turn into seeds pods?

And did you know that arugula doesn’t cross pollinate with any other vegetable?

Not with tatsoi, or mizuna, or mustard, or radishes, or any of the other brassicas.

Arugula only crosses with arugula!

If you’re only growing one type of arugula, then you can save this seed without worry.

You can harvest a fair amount of seed from a bed of arugula this size.

A 50ft bed should give about 2kg (4.5lbs) – this 300ft bed should give 12kg (about 26lbs).

If you have arugula in flower right now (around the end of June); you’ll be harvesting arugula seed by mid August.

So, do you have an arugula bed like this that you could let go to seed?

You’d be rich in arugula seed!

So what do you do next?

Here’s are two classic Going To Seed posts to help you along:

One note, when it’s arugula seed cleaning time, you can just stomp on the plants to shatter the pods!!!

(Make sure the plants are on a tarp.)

And in early to mid August, I’m going to give a live Free Seed Cleaning webinar!!! I’ll keep you posted when that comes this way.

Happy Arugula!

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