Remember that farm store you wanted to start?

Remember last spring, when the world got real crazy on March 13?

And you decided to pivot everything and drop the farmers market and any in person sales and instead you would set up an online store and only take online orders?

And then spring moved forward and your plants got bigger and everybody in the world remembered that food can actually be grown locally and suddenly folks just wanted everything you had?

And then that online store started to move down the TO DO list, and maybe a week or two ago you actually erased it from the whiteboard, because you’ve got some real farming to do?

Yeah, you’re probably not the only one.

But, you know what, maybe it’s not that you’re late getting your store online this year but rather, you’re early getting it online for NEXT YEAR!!!

Yes, that’s right, you’re so on top of things that you’re a full year ahead!

So, with all that advance you’ve taken, what should you be doing now to make sure you that farm store launches on time in 2021?

Take Pictures!!!

Right now, your field is popping with all the gorgeous roots and fruits and greens. Well the greens might not be looking so perfect right now in the searing heat – but there’s a lot of photogenic stuff out there – and now is the time to catch. (Don’t worry those greens will be looking good in a month or two.)

Here’s an easy to use system for you

  1. Make a list of all the crops you want to sell next year. (Extra points if you use a spreadsheet to do this.)
  2. Once or twice a week, grab some veg from the harvest cooler.
  3. Set up your veggies in your greenhouse. (The greenhouse plastic diffuses the light and makes for better shots.)
  4. Set your smart phone up for square pictures.
  5. Take a dozen or more pictures for each crop.
  6. Download them on your computer, or to the cloud, or wherever you keep pictures in a folder called ONLINE STORE PICTURES
  7. Extra extra points if you organize your picture folder by crop. But just taking the pictures is one big step closer to the store.
  8. Check any pictures you take off of your crop list! (This is the best part of the process.)

Now get to that whiteboard and write down MAKE LIST and TAKE PICTURES!

It’s not easy being so ahead of the curve on your to do list. But I think you can make great use of this advance time.

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