FSA Tip #23 Hiding Errors With IFERROR

Is there anything as ugly an a farm spreadsheet full of #DIV/0! or #N/A or some other error message?

Yes, these messages tell you what might be going wrong in your spreadsheet but sometimes it doesn’t matter.

You already know you can’t divide by zero, let’s move on to something else!

Error messages can make your spreadsheets look like a mess, and they can keep some of your formulas from doing what you would like them to do.

IFERROR is here to save the day!

You can embed another formula into your IFERROR formula. If there are no errors, you seed the answer to the original formula. But if there are errors, you get to choose what you see!

In this tip, we’ll see …

  • A couple error messages you might find in your farm spreadsheets
  • How to use IFERROR to display alternate values or text instead of an error message.
  • IFERROR in action with an INDEX-MATCH formula to look up seeder settings.
  • IFERROR in action in a crop planning sheet where you don’t want any #DIV/0! messages

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

What error messages are you ready to hide?

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