FSA Tip #24 Understanding Date Formats

When do you need to plant your lettuce so that it’s ready to harvest on time?

When did we actually harvest the lettuce and send it to market?

When did we do some other incredible significant farm activity, and was it done at the right time?

Dates are a key component of a good farm spreadsheet. If you and your team don’t enter dates the right way, your spreadsheet won’t be able to tell you the information you need to know when you need to it.

You won’t have lettuce plants ready when you need to plant.

You won’t plan for enough crops for next year’s markets.

You won’t remember to do those other significant tasks in a timely fashion!

But by setting up Data Validation and a few Date Formatting tricks, you’ll always make sure the dates in your spreadsheets are accurate.

In this tip, we’ll see …

  • What happens when you enter dates that aren’t dates in a spreadsheet
  • How to enter dates using text
  • How to enter dates with numbers
  • How to change your spreadsheet settings to display your date formats according to local standards
  • How to use Number Formatting to Format your Dates
  • How to set up Data Validation to make sure your team enter Dates accurately
  • Dates in action in a crop planning sheet

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Are your spreadsheets ready to enter accurate dates?

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