Book Review: Crop Rotation On Organic Farms

The title of this book says it all.

Itís a manual to help your Plan Your Crop Rotation.

Itís got tons of information and some beautiful tables of the rotations on a number of top notch vegetable farms.

This book is solid but Iím a bit hesitant to recommend it if youíre new to crop rotation

The rotations in this book are the result of years and decades of experience.

This can be an intimidating place to start on the road to good crop rotation.

But I still think you should get this book (available as a PDF on the SARE website) because it has two comprehensive appendixes that will give you answers to some of your key rotation questions.

Appendix 3 presents a long list of diseases you might be dealing with. It tells you how many years to break the disease cycle by rotating away from the host crop.

Appendix 4 is similar but covers the weeds you might be dealing with.

So, thereís my wholehearted endorsement for this book and a note of caution.,

If you want something a little more basic, you might like the free Crop Rotation Design for Market Gardenerís workshop that Iím giving next Tuesday (December 8) at 2pm Eastern.

Iíll walk you through 3 basic crop rotation principles to design your farm around and 2 bonus rotation principles you should also consider.

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It’s going to be great.

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