On The Cusp Of Crop & Plan

Here we are on the cusp of a New Year. On a straight line that runs from last yearís fields to this yearís crop plan.

Grounded in the cusp of that moment.

Hereís a secret: Weíre always on that cusp – Crop behind us and Plan ahead of us.

Some moments, itís just a little bit more visible.

Are you paying attention to that moment? Visualizing your inner farm to feel it in every part of your essence?

Iíll tell you what helps me get in the Crop Plan mood.

(Other than a spreadsheet full of formulas and a notebook full of scribbled notes written in moments of inspiration that I can no longer decipher.)

Thatís right, itís that Growing For Market t-shirt that Santa delivered so thoughtfully this year.

(To be honest – since I put this shirt on, I havenít actually done any crop planning.I donít think thatís the shirtís fault. Probably has more to do with the two kids running around that house and the new puzzle spread out over the table and all those treats that need eating.)

But whether youíre consciously planning or just letting it percolate on the back burner, youíre always balanced in between the past and the future.

And so, weíre on that cusp, as always.

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