Wrap Up With Your Crop Plan With Some PIVOT Tables

Itís time to wrap this series of Planning Posts.

(which all began in Part 1)

I want to do that with a little Pivot Table magic.

Whatís a Pivot Table?

It is only the most important arrow in your spreadsheet quiver.

As you plan your growing season and generate a Financial Plan and Sales Plan and Field Plan and Nursery Plan and Seed Order, you wind up with a bunch of columns and data in your spreadsheets.

And yes, your spreadsheets are full of great decisions and information to guide your farm.

But wow, can they be a pain to look at and deal with when itís actually time to get things done.

This is where you can bring in Pivot Tables.

Highlight all the data in your spreadsheet and then choose ďPivot TableĒ from the appropriate menu. (In Google Sheets, you choose PIVOT TABLE from the Data menu in the toolbar.)

Then select what you would like to display in that Pivot Table.

And voilŗ! Youíve turned all that data into a Planting Calendar or a Nursery Schedule or whatever Farm List you need at the moment.

If this post and set of pictures isnít enough for you, Iím giving a workshop today called Build A Better Crop Plan about the 3 cornerstones of effective spreadsheet systems.

Spoiler – all 3 cornerstones lead to Pivot Tables.

If you want to see some Crop Plan Pivot Table action, this is the place to be!!!

Thanks for going on this Planning Journey with me over the last week.

I know it can be overwhelming to think of everything that goes into planning for a successful season but the secret to getting there is to just think of one thing at a time.

Start with where you want to go (in this case, your financial goals) and then work backwards.

If you take it slow and steady, youíll get there.

Happy Planning!

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