FSA Tip #31 Merge A CSV Order Into 1 Row

Ahhh, is there anything more beautiful than a well packed CSA share that is labelled with all the contents?

No, there is not. (Unless we want to start talking about Radicchio.)

Isn’t there anything more irritating than trying to generate clear itemized labels from the CSV file you exported from your online store that has 1000 rows per order???

Why couldn’t you just export it all with one simple row per order that can easily be mapped onto a label making Spreadsheet Add-On like Autocrat or Avery?

Of course, when you’re dealing with a spreadsheet, there’s always a work around.

The solution, as usual, involves a pivot table!!!

But not just any Pivot Table. A Pivot Table with a calculated field.

Using a calculated field and the join formula, you can merge all the items from one order into one cell.

With this new spreadsheet power, there will be no stopping you!

Let the labeling begin …

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Start with your order CSV file with one row per item in your order
  • Add a column that joins the information you want to display together
  • Use the & to join the information in that new column
  • Make a pivot table with the data you want to displau
  • Add a calculated field to your pivot table
  • Use the join formula in the calculated field to join all items from 1 order into 1 cell

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Go and make some great labels!!!

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