FSA Tip #33 Use SKUs To Manage Your Farm Store Products

You need some good SKUs!!!

A SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit.

Itís a code you can use across all your farm management systems to clearly identify a product.

You can use them in

  • your online store
  • your bookkeeping software
  • your spreadsheets
  • anywhere you want

Your SKUs should be made up of a Parent SKU for all similar products with a Suffix to identify the specific format.

For example CARR might be your parent SKU for orange carrots. And bn might mean bunch or 1lb might mean 1 pound.

Throw them together for CARR-bn and CARR-1lb

SKUs are also great when youíre using SUMIFS, INDEX MATCH, or FILTER formulas in your spreadsheets.

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Build a SKU with two parts (the parent SKU and the variant code)
  • Choose your parent SKU
  • Set up your variant SKU
  • Use SUMIFS and INDEX MATCH with SKUs
  • Use RIGHT(), LEFT() and MID() formulas to extract parts from your SKU

You can†get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Go out and make some SKUs

Here’s the short version of this tip!

If you want to go deeper – Here’s a full LIVE presentation

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