FSA Tip #34 Turn Your Crop Plan Into A Planting Calendar With Pivot Tables

My life changed when the clock struck midnight.

It wasn’t so much that my carriage (a 2004 Toyota Echo with no AC) turned into a giant Cucurbita maxima squash (A Giant Pumpkin, if you will.)

But my buddy Syl leaned over and asked “Do you use Pivot Tables?”

Not a traditional New Year’s greeting. But definitely an amazing way to start the 2013 New Year.

Well , I didn’t actually realise how amazing at that moment.

Because as it turned out, I did not know what a Pivot Table was. And he tried to explain it to me with some hand gestures and words. But when that didn’t do the trick he said “Go look them  up. They do amazing things with spreadsheets.”

When I got home, I looked them up.  And at first I was having a hard time seeing what all the bother was. 

But when I took my Crop Plan spreadsheets and I added a Pivot Table, I witnessed the pure power and glory of a Pivot Table.

For years I had been trying to find a way to simply link my Crop Plan to my Field Calendars, and my Planting Schedules.

Pivot Tables were that simple link.

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Set up a Pivot Table from the Google Sheets menu bar
  • Use the Pivot Table Editor to set your Rows, Columns, and Values
  • Use Filters in the Pivot Table Editor to refine what you see
  • Set up Slicers to filter your data
  • Use pivot tables as data for other formulas

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Wishing you some sweet pivot tables!

Here’s the short version of this tip!

If you want to go deeper – Here’s a full LIVE presentation

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