Maxima Squash Says It all

Maxima squash says it all.

This is the squash that gets the biggest. 2118 pounds is the record (as far as I know).

But by no means are Maxima squash all giants.

Cucurbita maxima is the second most commonly found squash species in market gardens.

They are the Hubbards, the Turbans, the Kaboachas, the Buttercups, the Marrows, the Bananas, the Giant Pumpkins.

And what these squash have in common is round corky stems.

Unlike Pepo squash, Mazimas are NOT at peak flavour at harvest. Maximas need to cure to release the sweetness. They just get richer tasting and more delicious as they age.

Maximas are your deep winter squash.

And of course, they are CROSSERS.

And as I said with Pepos, It is very hard to sell mystery squash.

So, unless you only grow 1 Maxima in your garden, I do not recommend Maxima squash for beginning #seedsavingformarketgrowers.

The PROS of saving Maxima Squash seed:

  • Very easy to extract the seed
  • Easy to grow extra in your market garden and choose the best for seed
  • There are some great open pollinated varieties
  • Annual – from seed to seed in 1 season

The CONS of saving Maxima Squash seed:

  • You probably have more than 1 pepo in your garden
  • Crossers gonna cross


4 lbs to 11 lbs from a 100ft bed


4 to 6 years

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