FSA Tip #35 Setting Up Spreadsheet For More Than One Language

This was a Live Farm Spreadsheet from May.

And it’s all about running some of your spreadsheets in more than one language.

At Tourne-Sol co-operative farm, we run operations in speaks both English and French. We also run our website and online store in English and French.

So there are times when we need spreadsheets that can provide information in multiple languages.

You are likely in a similar situation and want to have some tools to set up your spreadsheets so folks can use the information in a language of their preference.

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Use the googletranslate formula to automatically translate tasks
  • Set your own translations in a separate reference sheet
  • Use INDEX Match to link terms with their translated terms
  • Do all of this with product import CSAs from tip 32

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Wishing you some multilingual spreadsheets that are easy to maintain!

Here’s the live tip – it’s about 25 minutes long.

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