FSA Tip #37 How To Track Harvest Rates

This was the last Live Farm Spreadsheet from May.

How long does it take you to harvest 1 bed of arugula?

How about to handweed a bed of carrots?

Or wash and pack 100 bunches of beets?

If you want to find out there are two approaches:

  • Track everything last thing you do, or better yet
  • Calculate rates for key tasks

A rate is the amount of time it takes on average to do a set task.

Knowing your rates let you easily forecast how long different activities will take.

If you want to set up a system to track your harvest/weed/plant rates, then come and join me!

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Set up a Google Form
  • Link your google form to a farm spreadsheet
  • Add a rate column in your From Answer spreadsheet and the challenges to do that
  • Create a Pivot Table from your answers and calculate rates there
  • Use your rates to estimate how much time it will take to do something

You can get the spreadsheet fro this tip to follow along at home.

Wishing you some good timing!

Here’s the live tip – it’s about 35 minutes long.

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