FSA Tip #38 How To Price Garlic Braids

You know how there are times in your farming career when you can grow more crop than you can sell?

For a number of years, we were growing much more garlic than our clients were able to buy.

So we started braiding garlic, and we were able to sell more of our garlic that way. Then we started a garlic festival and then we could even more garlic we could grow.

In fact, it began to not matter whether it was braided or not.  We could sell it all!

But by then I’d fallen in love with braiding garlic and didn’t really want to stop.

If I was going to be braiding hundreds of garlic braids in August when the To Do lists were never ending, I needed to make sure that we were selling garlic braids for a price that justified the work.

I crunched some numbers and figured out a simple formula to price garlic braids.

Step 1 – Determine The Value Of Garlic In Your Braid

Step 2 – Determine The Braiding Price

Step 3 – Add Garlic Price & Braiding Price Together!

Step 4 – Go Further With Some Spreadsheets

Now I’ve also put together this spreadsheet for you.

It considers that you might not want to be charging your client for the weight of the garlic stems in your braids.

It also lets you precisely calculate how much to charge per bulb for the cost of braiding. This is determined by how many braids you can make in an hour, and your target hourly wage.

It’s a fairly simple spreadsheet that will give you a very good idea of whether you’ve set a profitable price for your garlic.

Wishing you profitable and delicious garlic!

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