Love In The Mist

Love in the mist – what an aptly named plant – whimsical wispy mist leaves surroundings a lovely seed pod. Like something from another planet.

I came upon Nigella damascena when I apprenticed at Orchard Hill Farm. Id been saving vegetable and herb seeds for a few years. But had done little with cut flower seeds.

I was enchanted by Love in the Mist and took a couple pods with me at the end of the season. 

17 years later, Im still saving seeds descended from those plants.

And Ive added some Nigella papillosa and Nigella sativa to the collection.

They are crossers so will cross with other NIgella of the SAME species but NOT with NIgellas of different species. (Though I have seen Nigella species mislabelled. You cant always trust seed packs.)

Nigella big seed pods are packed with black seeds waiting to grow in your garden.

This cut flower is made for #seedsavingformarketgrowers.

The PROS of saving Nigella seed:

  • Different Nigella Species dont cross
  • Readily dries down in field
  • Very easy to extract the seed
  • Very easy to clean the seed
  • Readily dries down in field
  • Tons of blooms even if you let a few go to seed
  • Solid open pollinated varieties
  • Annual – from seed to seed in 1 season

The CONS of saving Nigella seed:

  • Crossers gonna cross (though not between different Nigella Species, remembert?)
  • You may want to start saving all other kinds of flower seed too


5 lbs to 15 lbs from a 100ft bed


4-5 years (probably longer)

2 thoughts on “Love In The Mist

  1. First year growing these from seed. I absolutely love the look of the dry seed pods in my garden. I’ve collected a great haul for next year.

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