Are Your Sales Channels The Right Sales Channels?

Next Tuesday, Iím having Julia Shanks over to my virtual living room and youíre invited to join us!

Weíll be talking about whether youíre selling your crops in a way that makes you money.

If we could have this in person, we would have tea and treats for all of you. (And I bet they would be good – one of Juliaís other hats is that she was trained as a chef at the California Culinary Academy.)

But due to the digital nature of this gathering, Julia has brought an equally delicious spreadsheet.

Whether you want to crunch numbers or just listen to core concepts of why some farm sales channels might be more profitable than others, youíre going to take away a lot of practical knowledge you can apply to your farm sales.

Julia is one of my go to people on farm profitability.

Her book The Farmerís Office tackles farm accounting and office management with clarity and ease. And Juliaís articles in the pages of Growing For Market present financial concepts every farmer should know.

The party starts at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday Sept 28.

You can sign up here.

p.s. This is week 2 of the Season Review Challenge where you get to look back and learn from your growing season so you can plan for an even better next season.

p.p.s Feel free to invite all your friends!!!

Itís a big living room.

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