Does it matter how much you can grow if you canít sell it all?

Does it matter how much you can grow if you canít sell it all?

If youíre trying to make a living from your farm then you probably want to sell most of your crops.

But I bet you didnít choose to start farming because you wanted to be out there selling your product. That your first true love is likely dirt and seeds (maybe tractors). And that youíre not necessarily sure where to start marketing so you can move more of your produce to the right clients.

Week 3 of the Season Review Challenge is for you!

Corinna Bench of My Digital Farmer is next weekís Season Review Guide. Sheís going to help you review your client’s experience to better market your farm.

Iím pretty excited about this conversation. Corinna was one of my first introductions to online marketing and branding for farmers. She was a guest on the Farmer to Farmer podcast with Chris Blanchard where she talked about creating a marketing and retention system for your CSA Farm. I was so impressed with what she was doing that I listened to that episode two times in a row and then shared it with my Tourne-Sol co-farmers.

Nowadays you can hear Corinna every week on the My My Digital Farmer,  where she helps farmers learn the fundamentals of marketing to grow their brand and increase their sales.

The Live session is on Monday, Oct 4 at 7pm.

You can sign up here.

I hope you can make it!

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