Review your Farm Quality Of Life

And so it’s time for the big questions.

You’ve reviewed the farm and the sales and the clients. 

Now it is time to review YOU.

Jonathan Bruderlein is next week’s Season Review Guide. And he’s here to make sure you take a moment to think about what you personally want from your life growing and selling crops.

He has a lot to say about being intentional with your farm and making sure it supports you to be the person you want to be.

Jonathan owned and operated a successful certified organic vegetable farm for a number of years using a mix of tractor power and draft horsepower. In 2017, Jonathan and his family decided to take a sabbatical, convert their delivery van into a camper, and travel around the USA and Canada for almost 3 years, visiting farms, learning, and getting a new perspective on life!

Jonathan is now back in the Farming Game and has launched his second farm @ottawafarmfresh  Combining his farming experience with his consulting perspectives, Jonathan and the OFF team have established a weed-free, 4-wheeled tractor powered,  bio-intensive vegetable farm and have scaled the business to 300K$ gross annual sales in just under 18 months. 

As a life and business coach, Jonathan supports successful farmers and entrepreneurs to think outside the box, see even greater possibilities for success in all areas of their lives, and fully implement the things they know they need to be doing (even in the height of summer!!!) 

Since the separation of work and personal life is really an illusion, Jonathan and his clients delve into any topics that are useful: From sales and marketing, to communication with your spouse, to employee management, to spending time with your kids, to business systems, to cropping systems… and everything in between.

So Jon is a great guide to help you review your Farm Quality of Life!

Come on out Tuesday, Oct 12 at 7pm Eastern.

You can sign up here.

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