Screens – A Seed Saver’s Best Friend

Screens – they are a seed saver’s best friends. And they can be pretty easy to make.

These screens are made with ¼” hardware cloth sandwiched between pieces of 1×2.

The frames have the same dimensions as the rubbermaid bin.

That isn’t an accident.

If you’re going to make your own seed screens, start by measuring the bin you’re going to use. Then build your screen to these dimensions. 

Hardware cloth usually comes in ?”, ¼” and ½” sizes. You can make a screen of each size!

¼” is great for brassica seeds. ½” is good for beans and peas. 

Once you remove the big stuff from the beans/peas, you can spread the beans/peas over a ¼” screen. The small bits drop through the small openings leaving clean beans/peas on top.

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