Refer To Data Already In Your Farm Spreadsheets

If ENTER DATA ONCE is your noble spreadsheet goal, then the journey to get there is the tools and formulas that let you reference that data.

In some ways, every spreadsheet formula and tool is all about referencing your original data.†

But that isnít very helpful. There are really only a handful of formulas that I think you need.

The most useful to improve your farm spreadsheets are SUMIFS, INDEX MATCH, and Data Validation. Itís pretty amazing what you can do with that combo of formulas.

If you want to see what some of that looks like in action, Iím giving the Build A Better Crop Plan webinar. one more time in October. That is on Tuesday Oct 26 at 2pm Eastern.

(There are also PIVOT TABLES that can help you reference that data, But Iím saving those for cornerstone #3!)

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