Enough radish seeds?

Each of these seeds is a radish.

A 4 gallon bucket of radish seed is a lot of radishes. (And weíve got more than 1 bucket!)

But is it enough?

Answering that comes down to the math.

Think about how many bedfeet of radish youíll grow next year. Then turn that into a number of seeds.

Bedfeet of radish ??   rows/bed ??   seeds/bedfoot = seeds needed

Convert that seed count into a seed weight:

Seeds needed ?  sds/ounce = ounces needed

(Use whatever weight units you want – just be consistent.)

Weigh your bucket of seed

Is there enough?

What if you want to grow that seed yourself?

Ounces needed ?† oz/bedfoot = Bedfeet to grow of radishes

And radish seed stores for a while.

You could grow enough seed for 3 years at once!

Of course, this is all math you can do in the winter to make sure you have the space for the crops and that youíre growing as much as you need

p.s.  We also sell seed by the packet, so we also have to

Forecasted seed packs x oz/pack = more ounces needed.

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