Peeking At Next Year With A Little Crop Rotation

Here are 3 beds in block 115 at the end of the season.

They were planted  in August and September.

Some of the Brassica rapa on the left will be making it into @fermetournesol next CSA basket.

All these crops will shortly be covered by mini tunnels and sent on a journey through the winter.

Well uncover them next spring when the heavy frosts and snow loads have passed.

They will go to flower and well be harvesting seed in June through mid August from these beds.

Then these beds will be cover cropped.

In August 2023, we will plant these beds again with some crops destined to be overwintered. Some similar crops, but also some different.

That will be for a 2024 seed harvest.

I do know roughly what will be in these beds the following year, and the year after that. And the year after that too!

Basically, weve got a crop rotation for these seed blocks and it works. We also have crop rotation for the  rest of our fields and greenhouses.

Sometimes things dont work out quite as expected, but when you look back on our farm records, you can see pretty clear patterns as crop families hop through the fields from year to year.

Do you have a clear crop rotation on your farm?

Are you looking for some additional crop rotation tools ?

On Thursday Nov 18 at 2pm Eastern, I’m giving a free online workshop called Crop Rotation Design For Market Growers.

What could be more fun than spending a cold November afternoon talking about what plans you might plant in your field 6 years from today!

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