Farmer Book Club: Weed The Soil, Not the Crop

Weed The Soil, Not the Crop by Anne & Eric Nordell.

The Nordellís defined how I think about crop rotation and farm design. There is nothing like the long series of articles theyíve written for the Small Farmerís Journal.

As a younger farmer, I would read deeply through each of their articles 5 or 6 times to make sure I understood the nuances of their crop rotations and systems – taking notes in my Crop Rotation notebook – consistently amazed at what you could do with a simple plan and clear intentions.

This book is a collection of Anne & Eric Nordelís key articles explaining their systems.

Itís not only about Crop Rotation but thereís a lot of Crop Rotation in there. With great charts and diagrams to help you understand how their systems work.†

My favourites are the Crop Rotation Clocks that let you visualize the returning cycle of a solid rotation.

If youíre going to read Weed The Soil, Not the Crop, you should know that the Nordellís use draft horses to run their market garden.

Do not let that dissuade you from this book.

Yes, there is nothing as elegant or intimate to work the soil with as a horse drawn riding cultivator …

But you donít need a horse to understand or apply the Nordellís systems and techniques on your market garden.

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